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The world of THE SHY LIFE PODCAST is a strange world; a world where Shy Yeti and his friends live! Just as you are beginning to think that it is a completely normal place it will turn around and surprise you and quite probably some very odd things will happen; but I really do promise that they'll be enjoyable...

Feb 28, 2021

Here we are for episode 414! This time Andrew, Lisa and Martin Holmes join us for a quiz and to share chat and trivia... Also word has got out that Andrew can arrange to get stars named after people - and both Cromitty and Yeti Uncle John seek this opportunity. We also have extra material from behind the scenes and a bit of chatter and quizziness from Calum and Paul from late October 2020. Our next show, #415 is all about the big hits of another year... Martin H is back and we'll be discussing 1966! Do join us, won't you?! Thanks to everyone who appeared in this episode for giving their time to put the show together! Please email me at if you have any comments - you can even send me a sound-file and I'll include it. The music is by Shy Yeti and Luca. Sound effects are by Paul Chandler and Soundbible. Thanks to Lisa and Andrew for the clip from Round The Archives and to Martin Holmes for the clip from Vision On Sound - both clips remain the Copyright of their show-producers. All other content is Copyright Paul Chandler, 2021. Episode 414 was recorded on Saturday the 20th of February 2021. Cuthbert's link was recorded on the 27th February 2020. Thank you also to AH for our other mystery content! Our extra material with Calum was recorded on the 25th October 2020.